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Before & Afterschool

Elite Action has been planning and developing this program with the anticipation of providing families in the community with a convenient way to maximize the potential of children. Our before and after school program will take a harmonious approach to develop the mind, body, and spirit of each individual child.

Elite Action before and after school martial arts classes will follow a progressive curriculum that includes practical lesson plans for anti-bullying strategies and the prevalent dangers of Internet chat rooms and strangers. The curriculum is established to be easily applied to real-life situations. Our focus is to instill confidence, self-esteem, and leadership qualities.

Within weeks the changes in your child will become obvious. They will be able to say no to unhealthy peer pressure. Their confidence level will rise. They will start being able to focus more clearly on their homework, and they will begin to feel better about themselves.

Martial arts isn’t just a powerful character-builder; it’s a great workout, too. And in this day and age where there are TONS of activities that keep kids on the couch… it’s VITAL to inject fun fitness whenever you can. Our program will get your kid in great shape, and they’ll love every second of it. That way, they can develop healthy exercise habits that stick with them for life.

Come see our facility and give your child the Ultimate quality they deserve! 

Before School 

opens at 7 am

Arts and 


Transportation to/from school 



Homework Help

Sports Day

on Fridays

TKD classes

3 times a week

Pick up time

6 pm

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